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Here I keep up to date info about the writing system and my contact info.

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Writing system#

sample writing

This is an alternative way of writing English. The letters are based on the phonemes of the english language.

The primary goal of this writing system is to make it so that you know how to write a word from hearing it, and so that you know how to pronounce a word from seeing it written down. I've also reworked some of the grammar rules to make them as easy to understand and use as possible. This way you can dedicate your time and effort on the content and the message of the text while losing less time on formalities like spelling, grammar, and orthography.

The focus on phonemes rather than phones makes the writing system mostly accent-agnostic. It diminishes the differences between different dialects and accents, but isn't quite able to unify them completely.

LINK TO MANUAL (PDF, 47 pages, 3.00MB)

IMPORTANT! I've changed some characters, and I haven't yet had the chance to update the manual and examples.

Feel free to contact me! I appreciate all potential improvements, feedback, comments, questions, ideas, criticism and complaints alike.
I've made this writing system almost entirely on my own and I've reached the limit of my knowledge and skill. Hearing other people's opinions would help a lot.

Example texts!

  1. an SCP story
  2. part of a Wikipedia article

If you know where I can find permissively licensed texts that I can transcribe, please do tell me. Most such texts that I've found are over a century old, which makes them poor example texts as they're difficult to read.

Contact info#

(sorry it's not copyable, that's to avoid spambots)

contact info: My discord username is flutterlord with a capital f and l, pound sign, nine thousand. My telegram username is flutterlord with a capital f and l.

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